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We believe passionately in engaging young people with Shakespeare,

and in the power of live performance to make his writing come alive.


Having previously studied for an MA Classical Theatre together, we have taken our knowledge and love of verse-speaking and combined that with physical approaches to characterisation, to devise our own way of creating work.

In our bespoke workshops we guide the students through professional warm-up techniques, and then work together with them on subjects which may range from:

We can tailor workshops based on age group and subject, and we are very happy to tie-in with topics the students are currently studying. We will provide you with a timed plan in advance to help with your preparation.


Workshop lengths are completely flexible, and our performances run at no more than 90mins. We can also offer an optional Q&A session after the show, if required.

For more information, please do get in touch via our Contact page.

  • Vocal work

  • Textual analysis

  • Building a character

  • Multi role-playing

  • Adapting Shakespeare

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